This is a list of frequently asked questions. They will get added as they get asked.

What happened to the On/Off status:

  • I decided that it wasn't working. I rarely ever turned the status ON.
  • People who have used a Lifeline did so by contacting me by other means.
  • Boils down to it just wasn't working as I originally intended it to, time to fix it.

Why am waiting for a response?

    • I may be traveling to see a client
    • I may already be in a training session
    • I may be involved with another support call

Are my minutes a one-shot deal?

  • 5 Minute - yes
  • 10 Minute - most likely
  • 15-60 Minutes - No

Can I buy more minutes than I need now and use them as I need them?

  • Yes - for 10 minute Lifelines and more

Can I have other staff use our Company Minutes? I'm a CAD/BIM manager and I'd like to have this as a resource in my absence or when I'm busy for an extended time for some reason.

  • Yes - It's a bit harder for me but that's my problem. Minutes will expire after 30 days (which means no refund) from purchase so buy fewer than more. It is a balance between needing it right now and planning for maybe. Lifeline Minutes are focused on right now, unless actual use dictates otherwise.

Still have a question about how to use a Lifeline? (This isn't for Revit support questions) - Want STEP by STEP guidance to grab a lifeline?