Revit Lifeline

Would you like an opportunity to speak with me directly?

Is the cost of professional consulting keeping you from the help you want or need?

Are you looking for additional support outlet for your own support staff, overflow or vacation help?

The in-depth on-site consulting work I've done over years has made it very difficult for me to reach smaller firms that have a harder time devoting the resources necessary to hire me. It's not meant as an alternative to training.

It's meant to solve problems in the moment.

The Revit Lifeline is my approach to create a support experience that is satisfying as well as cost effective. A Lifeline starts via email but it can expand to a telephone call or even a GoToMeeting session.

Cost: Let's keep it simple, $1/minute (USD). You decide how much time and money you're willing to devote to the issue. If you think you need five minutes and we need more we will decide that together.

The Process:

  1. Visit the Revit Lifeline (you're here)
  2. Click the corresponding button for the minutes you want
  3. Pay via the PayPal site and provide payment information
  4. Contact me via the information provided on the confirmation page
  5. Get some help!

If the issue requires research, more time or another method of communication to resolve it then we'll take it where it needs to go from the initial contact. If I am already on a call when your request is submitted I'll do my very best to respond quickly, if only to tell you when I can respond properly.

Want STEP by STEP guidance to grab a lifeline?