Miscellaneous Documents:

RevitRoles.pdf (72 kb) This a descriptive summary of the basic tasks in a Revit environment from the perspective of a project manager.

Mullion "L" Corner Calculator ( 584 kb) This is a 2009 project file that contains an example of using an annotation symbol family to do calculations and applying it to a curtain wall mullion.

Missing Grids Example (640 kb) This is a project file that contains an example of using a generic model family and tag to simulate grids for those grids that don't show up certain views because they are not perpendicular to the view's cut plane. Visit David Fano's Design ReForm site to see his video example of this technique.


WorksharingWorksets.pdf (175 kb) This is an overview of Workset concepts and practices.

Local File Creation - Script file used with AutoHotKey software to automate the process to create a local file according to office protocol. The file is a simple text file with a special extension (.ahk). You can edit it any text editor but it must be compiled into an executable by the AutoHotKey software. Any user can run the executable. The AutoHotKey software must be installed on the computer of the person who intends to compile the script. To use the script as is you should compile it after reading David's "Readme" file.

Scope Box Feature:

Scope Boxes (262 kb) An overview of the scope box feature.

Scope Boxes Example (350 kb) Document with screen captures relating to the Scope box article above.

Scope Boxes 2009 Project (3 mb) This file was created using Detach from Central. After downloading it you'll need to make a new central file because it will be considered a local file that will look for this original file until you do.

Note: These documents were created while I was employed with WATG.

Egress Examples:

Egress Example version 2008 (792 kb) A project example of using a line based family to represent exiting egress paths, straight and arc.

Egress Example version 2009 (936 kb) A project example of using a line based family to represent exiting egress paths, straight and arc. This also includes an example of using a shared parameter to define an abbreviation parameter for long room names.

Path of Travel Arc 2008 (188 kb) 2008 version of arc Family only

Path of Travel Arc 2009 (232 kb) 2009 version of arc Family only

Metric Unit Tag (mm) (136 kb) 2009 Metric version of tag

Imperial/Metric Combo (Ft/M) (148 kb) 2009 version of Imperial/Metric Combo tag

Note: These were inspired by numerous posts at AUGI and conversations with various clients over the last few years.

Occupancy Calculation:

Occupancy Calculation Example (2 mb) This is a project template file that provides sample schedules and a room tag to document occupancy loads and egress requirements. It is imperfect but it does provide working ideas for consideration. After downloading the file under Projects click New > and browse to the file you downloaded.

Note: This example was inspired during 2005 while consulting with WLC Architects and Scott Davis (now with Autodesk).

Railings, Stairs & Balusters:

Railing Over Wall Example (616 kb) (v2009) This an example of altering railing sketch segment properties to slope a railing without a hosting element. Accompanying story at Revit OpEd.

Railing Baluster Pattern Example (788 kb) (v2009) This is an example of establishing an overall pattern using multiple balusters to equal the overal length of a railing. This is to overcome the inability of balusters to "stretch" like curtain panels can. Accompanying story at Revit OpEd.

Concrete Baluster Example Project (3.6 mb) (v2009) Examples of nesting baluster family in baluster panel families to create concrete baluster/railing systems.

Accompanying story at Revit OpEd.

Concrete Balusters (1.6 mb zip file) (v2009) Baluster Families

Concrete Baluster Nested Generic Models (1 mb zip file) (v2009) Generic Model Solid Revolve families, nested in Balusters.

Concrete Railing Profile (122 kb zip file) (v2009) Profile Family

Concrete Railing Newel Post (not a baluster or post) (83.5 KB) (v2009) Generic Model newel post

Railing Example - "Star Pattern" (2 mb) (v2009) This an example of creating a parametric baluster that has a more complex pattern and must be flat and/or sloped to follow a stair. Pay close attention to the Automatic Sketch Dimensions.

Overlapping Stair (764 kb, v2009) This is a stair that needs a mid level landing between floors. It uses two stairs and then meet at the middle landing.

Railings as 3D Grids (4 MB, v2012) This is a project file that demonstrates creating a railing that has grid ID balusters and a thin rail profile to create 3D Grids for exporting to Navisworks or so grids can be seen in 3D views too. Consider a "hack" or "workaround". It is also possible to just export grids only to a .dwg file and then link them back in so they are visible in all views (3D too). OpEd Video Link - You Tube Video Link - Revit OpEd Post Link


Door Tutorial Handout (1 MB) This is a pdf document that was part of the Autodesk University 2005 class I taught. It covers a variety of techniques as they relate to creating a door family featuring; adjustable 2D and 3D door swing, panel with variable lites and a separate frame assembly. This example relies heavily on nested components.

A Door's Life (2.4 MB) This is a tutorial that I created for the Central States Revit Workshop in 2013. It is an updated version of the previous door tutorial handout based on using Revit 2014. The content is focused on nested panels, frames, hardware and using a solid form for clash detection.

Autodesk Revit Documents: (from Autodesk)

Model Performance Technical Notes (962 kb) This is a technical document written and made available by Autodesk (downloaded via Subscription Center). It describes the techniques you can use to improve Revit performance.

Revit ROI White Paper and Calculator (208 kb zip) Evaluate the Return-on-investment based on a survey of Revit Architecture users.