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You probably find yourself here because you searched for information about Revit. If that search was prompted by a need to consider using Revit at your company please let me offer this pearl of wisdom, "There is no easy button for Revit!"

Should you use Revit? (Do you have some time?)

I decided many years ago (2000) that I was going to focus on Revit because I believed it held promise and it represented how I preferred to do the work required in this industry. I've labored since to convince the people I worked with and the companies I worked for to share my convictions, first as a co-worker/employee and later as an independent consultant (since 2005). Just to clarify, Revit Structure first appeared in 2005 and Revit Systems (now MEP) first appeared in 2006 so it's not possible to claim a decade of support and training, or experience with them for that matter, for those just yet.

Can you do it? (assuming you agree with my convictions)

Absolutely! You can do it. Your firm can. It takes determination and a company must devote time and resources to the task to be successful. This shouldn't be too surprising. It's the same story for everything else your firm does. It IS harder for some companies and for some people as well. It's change after all and it's the same as for other things; the attitude we bring to the task greatly affects the outcome.

Reality Check

I'm sure your firm has talented, creative and motivated people. They can pick up Revit along the way, no problem. After all, I'm really just chasing another source of income, you can manage on your own. Everyone can stay mostly billable while they figure it all out? Is that realistic? Is every person in your firm a software hotshot? Do they all love figuring out how and why computer software works the way it does? Can they all wring the best out of any software they touch? Your company definitely has someone like that, maybe several, but all of them? Do you expect every person to relate to Revit the same way? Is your work so common and straightforward that however the software works out of the box is good enough for your company?

There ARE firms that have crossed the chasm between knowing nothing and being experts on their own. Some might even tell you it was easy. People have a funny way of forgetting pain afterward. Witness a mother after giving birth to a child and being willing to have another. My wife said exactly that after our first child on the day of his birth. It's my observation that most firms are a bit less tolerant of "pain".

Your firm CAN negotiate the transition between knowing nothing and being experts faster and more directly with informed guidance. People have been using guides, sages, mensches or gurus forever to help them transition between the unknown and known. This is no different.

I've helped over seventy companies like yours be successful with Revit since I began consulting in 2005. I welcome a chance to help contribute to your future success too.

Are your clients asking you to use Revit or about BIM? Not sure what the next step is? Send me an email to discuss it further.

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I want to help you be successful with Revit!

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